Sundae on a Monday

Chocolate Brownie Sundae


The only restaurant in the Town of Field, British Columbia is Truffle Pigs. This cozy restaurant has a bar and a grand view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. There’s not a bad seat in the house.

Truffle Pigs Snuggled between the Canadian Rocky Mountains
View of train tracks and Canadian Rockies from Truffle Pigs Patio

The food on the menu is delicious but the menu does have a warning to look at the dessert menu before making a dinner selection, my kind of restaurant!

See a dessert menu before ordering dinner, my kind of warning!

I always gravitate to anything with Sundae in the description as I am huge on Hot Fudge. Truffle Pigs sundae didn’t have hot fudge but it did have vanilla gelato and a chocolate sauce.

Dessert Menu

They give you 2 brownie slices piled high with vanilla gelato, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Topped not with a cherry but a gooseberry making this Sundae unique to British Columbia.

Double Brownie Sundae with Fresh Strawberries and a Gooseberry

You can’t go wrong with a brownie sundae when you are taking in the views of Field and the Rockies from the Truffle Pigs dining room.


3/5 Cake Slices

Truffle Pigs

Field, British Columbia, Canada

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