Bakery in the Woods

Homemade Cinnamon Roll

Vanilla frosting dripping off warm cinnamon roll

Tucked in the woods at the beginning of the trail to the Skookumchuck Rapids, Skookumchuck Bakery and Café is as cute as you can imagine.

Skookumchuck Bakery and Cafe sign off trail to Skookumchuck Narrows
Trailing leading up to bakery in the woods
Bakery with deck in woods

We decided to save it as an after hike treat so by the time we stopped in the selection had dwindled however they still had a tray of fresh cinnamon rolls waiting.

Cinnamon Rolls on Display in Bakery

IMG_5025Perfectly sweet and cinnamony topped with vanilla drizzle, this cinnamon roll was much deserved after a hike through the woods. Enjoyed on their deck in the forest overlooking the trees and a small stream the ambiance can’t be beat.

View from bakery deck with streams and trees

Skookumchuck Bakery and Café also offers a selections of drinks both warm and cold along with various bakery treats and sandwiches. A great choice for a pre or post hike snack.

Clearly wasn’t very good


3.5/5 Cake Slices

Skookumchuck Bakery and Café

Skookumchuck – Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada

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