Dessert Disappointments

Red Velvet Cupcake and Chocolate Brownie

Muri Lagoon, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

I will start out by admitting I am partial to sweet sugary desserts and the main things missing from the desserts I tried at LBV Bakery in Muri Beach was the sweetness.

Sign by road for LBV Bakery
Front of LBV Bakery

Located across the main road from the main access to Muri Beach, this Café and Bakery has many ready for takeaway choices along with a full menu of hot dishes.

Menu Board Inside
Treats and snacks perfect to takeaway to Muri Lagoon

Although the desserts here weren’t my favorite, the deli sandwiches were tasty and convenient for walking across the street and enjoying along with the lagoon views.

Red Velvet Cupcakes in Display Case
Frosting Tower

The red velvet cupcake caught my eye with the nice swirl of pink icing on top. Unfortunately, the icing tasted like straight butter and the cake was dry. I took one bite and didn’t feel the need to continue eating it. The presentation was a 5 but the cake flavor and consistency was closer to a 1.5.

1.5/5 Cake Slices


Chocolate Brownie by the Sea

The chocolate brownie square was also dry but perhaps could be saved if it was warmed up. It was served directly from the chilled display case and even after sitting in the sun for a few minutes the consistency was dry and tough.

Dusted Lightly with Powdered Sugar

It was finished with a nice dusting of powder sugar and I thought I could salvage it by pairing it with ice cream but ultimately it got lost in the fridge behind the much better brownie I bought at the local CITC grocery store.

Plenty of beach to lay out or walk down

It’s hard to complain though when you have the views of Muri Beach Lagoon in front of you!

2/5 Cake Slices


LBV Café and Bakery

Muri Village, Muri, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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