Over the Moon for Macarons


Sign hanging above Mon Macaron inside Granville Island

Fresh Macarons from Bon Macaron Patisserie on Granville Island in Vancouver are perfectly crafted with unique flavors and deliciously soft texture.

One of the entrances to The Public Market on Granville Island

We tried a variety of flavors including Pineapple Basil, Lavender, Blackberry Mint, Pistachio, Birthday Cake and Lemon Honey. The Blackberry Mint was a favorite, you could taste the blackberry and Fresh mint flavors living in harmony. The Birthday Cake was sweet but necessary to help celebrate Canada Day.

Selection of delicious Macarons!

Pistachio is my all time favorite Macaron flavor and the one from Bon Macaron Patisserie was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Packaged perfectly for taking with you to enjoy later!

No need to travel all the way to Paris, a quick trip to Vancouver will suffice for any Macaron Craving.

5/5 Cake Slices

Bon Macaron Patisserie

Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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